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U.S. Soldiers to Disney Project!

Graybeards, Friends and Supporters,

I'm proud to announce that this years Send a Soldier to Disney Project was a huge success.  Over 2,000 raffles were sold and over $20,000 was collect to help send several families of our service men & women to a fun filled week at Disney World in Florida. A soldier's family will be given timeshare accommodations, rental car (if needed), gas cards, food cards, gift certificates, park tickets and expense money.

Winners of the raffle include ...

Mark and Betsy Kuhlmann & Family - won the first Disney Weekend and they graciously donated the prize back to the organizers so another service-man or service-woman can enjoy a week get-a-way. Thank you.

F.D.N.Y ~ Engine 248 - (Butch Brandeis) won the second Disney trip to Florida.  Congratulations!

Upon hearing the news about the raffle and the cause ... several families donated their timeshares to the Soldiers to Disney Project.  They include Timmy Butler, Bob Boderick, John & Laura O'Connor and Bill & Karen Erhart.  

All Winners with this very special project.

Here's a Story:  At the Sugrue's house ... Picture a U.S. Soldier visiting Rockaway with his wife and two daughters for the Wounded Warrior Project in July.  He was asked if his family was ever at Disney World.  The young injured soldier replied, "No, we never had the time or funds" .  With in seconds of his answer, he was given an all expense paid trip for his family to attend Disney this summer.  When his daughters were told about the very special surprise, they told everyone and anyone where they were going the entire weekend.  Details needed to be ironed out but a soldier's family will share memories to last a lifetime and for a brief time in their lives, their worries and struggles will be gone.


Anyone who is interested in helping to sell or buy tickets in the future, please contact ...
1) The Graybeards office. The Graybeards office is located at  436 Beach 129th St.  (corner of 129 and Newport Ave. ~ 718 - 634 - 6812) 

2) You can call Jimmy Mullen.  His number is 718 - 938 - 1665

3) E-mail Jimmy: (

Disney Pluto Dog in Action Animated Avatars

Send a Soldier and
their family to Disney!

Funny Mickey Mouse Disney Animated Avatars


The goal of this raffle is to raise funds to provide Disney vacations for wounded soldiers and their families.  Often, these soldiers are away from their families for long periods of time and many return home with life-altering injuries.  Providing a family vacation is our way of saying thank you for their service and sacrifice.  We also wish to acknowledge the families these soldiers leave behind when they go off to war.  Their spouses and children have sacrificed valuable family time that can not be replaced.  Their sacrifice often goes unnoticed.
In the past, I have received generous donations from family and friends to make these trips happen.  Since Christmas 2006, we have sent 10 families on all-expense paid trips to Disney.  (Our 11th and 12th families are scheduled to go in May and June)  One soldier expressed how valuable the trip was to his family by saying, "The trip to Disney was like a springboard for my family to re-connect, catch-up on time lost and to plan for our new future."
I will continue to donate my timeshare weeks to these soldiers as long as there are funds available to pay for the other expenses involved.  Hopefully this raffle  will allow us to continue for a few more trips.
The winner will be able to pick from a variety of weeks available through out the year (or next year if they wish).  I will be as accommodating as possible for our winner.
The winner will be picked July 10, 2010 at Rockaway's Wounded Warrior Weekend festivities by one of our participating soldiers.  The winner will be contacted by phone and be posted on the Graybeard's website (www.Graybeards.com)
Expenses of the trips vary greatly depending on the discounts available and where the soldiers are traveling from.  I take care of the timeshare.  The funds raised will cover traveling expenses of the families, park tickets, rental cars when needed, parking and a food stipend.
The timeshare is not a Disney Timeshare.  The timeshare being raffled and the one the soldiers stay at is located 5 minutes outside the Disney Theme Parks.  The name of the resort is the Westgate Vacation Villas.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Thank you very much for helping out.  This has been a very worthwhile and rewarding experience that is greatly appreciated by our participating soldiers.
All the best,
Jimmy Mullen

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