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Graybeards: Overheard on the Hardwood

Heard On The Hardwood                     – June 12, 2008                                Edition 2

Opening day continues with long awaited return of Graybeard legend Billy ‘White Chocolate’ Collins.  Teamed with new addition Terence ‘ No, I’m not related to Dan’ Mullin they made quite a formidable  duo. 
      Unfortunately, their undermanned collection of  has-beens were soundly beaten by Marshall ‘ HCG’ Trusttum and Irish Kevin Murphy of the Marroon Marouders 71 – 60.  Kevin Judge, who actually was a classmate of Dr. Naismiths in Sprinfield,MA, chipped in 15.   Elder Graybeards appreciated Murphy’s gesture of dying his hair gray for the season opener (opposed to recently retired Dan Conlon who dyed his hair orange every other game).

   Game 2 pitted Big Blue versus the Yellow Merengue Pies.  Despite the effort of Mike ‘Prozac’ Daly, and John ‘ time to make the donuts’ Coz, The Bees were defeated in the last seconds by Blue led by newcomer Ed ‘ Droopy Dog’ Murray.  Of note, Rasheed McCann did not receive a tech or even record a foul during the contest!

New Beard of the week goes to Jo-Jo O’Grady.  Not for any hardwood exploits, but for taking the initiative and providing copious ice for our Graybeard adult beverages!   (old editor’s note: Copious ice? WTF?!)

Bugsy Out!  Due to overwhelming commitments our beloved Bugsy will not be participating in the actual playing of the games.

More importantly, he WILL participate in all other Graybeard League functions

John McCann seen head-butting the Chinese laundry lady for putting too much starch in his shirt!

Graybeard trade – Current Hispanic Player of the Week Jesus Rivera-Hernandez-Torrez-Colon Lineras traded from purple to yellow to replace Bugsy.   Purple wasn’t ready to accept a Hispanic player in the locker room with his flashy Salsa- blasting BoomBox and his sudden “No Hablo Ingles” after shooting 3 for 18.

Rumor has it O.B. didn’t actually have his appendix removed.  He had his stomach stapled!

Billy “Joba” Gallagher was caught vehemently pumping his fist after nailing a three pointer (with 27 minutes left in the game).

Ref Kenny Whelan may have a broken whistle but he’s making a list of all the guys who yap, yap, yap.  YOU will be identified is if he mentions you more than once to the secret society.

Heard On The Hardwood                        – June 16, 2008                              Edition # 3

First Full Thursday and what a night it was!!
    First game pitted early undefeated Maroon vs. Big Blue.  The game was tied until the 4th , when Billy ‘Cigar Store Indian’ Nolan drained three straight 3-pointers to seal the 64 - 62 victory.  Blue’s Rasheed McCann kept his streak of consecutively fouled-out games alive at 2. They said it couldn’t be done, the perfect McCann season, but he’s on his way to 10 for 10!

     Game  2 saw Grey vs. black in a high scoring thriller.  Grey featured the ‘Hair Bear Bunch’ of McGack, Ostrander and J.R. lead their squad to an 81 – 78 win.  Pete ‘ Stone-Age’ Brady led  Black with 22.   John ‘DL’ Ronayne had a quiet 46 on 18 for 96 shooting.

     In Game 3 Yellow, with Rookie sensation and Latino player of the week, Jesus Fernandez-Rivera-Colon Fuentes Lineras, crushed decimated Purple.  With Terence Mullin off auditioning for American Idol,  Billy ‘Suicide Watch’ Collins tried his best. Despite the help of Jim ‘ Microwave (because he uses it a lot!)’ Moriarty, they were unable to hold off the Killer Bees.

Sightings –
Teen Pin-up Kevin McGack staring at Arnold the ref so long we thought he was in love!

John McCann seen body-slamming the paper boy for throwing his News into the bushes.

Mike Daly covering Billy Collins so tight he was spotted standing behind him at the urinal during halftime.

Be on Time Thursday.  BHYC immediately after game!!
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