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Graybeard's Upcoming Events!

Just for starters ....

Graybeard Golf Classic: A golf outing at our nearby Riis Pitch & Putt to raise funds for many worthwhile causes and needs.  Past recipients include the Chris Israel Fund, Tommy O'Neill Foundation and the Baby Michael Weinstein's Family.  This event has been organized in memory of several friends including our friends Don "DH" Hart and Walter Roberts.

The SFDS Project:  Help volunteer to paint the SFDS Small Hall before the new school year begins.  Looking for volunteers each August.

Graybeard's Awards Night:
A special dinner honoring those who volunteer in our community. Being volunteers ourselves, we know the importance and the impact these individuals and groups have on their fellow man.

Spring Spruce Up: Construction costs and expertise are donated to a project in our community.  Whether its an empty lot, friends kitchen, neighbors porch, community centers renovation the Graybeards show up and get it done.

Friend in Need:  This event has become a special fund-raiser helping some of our friends get through some of the toughest times.  Medical payments, financial support, tuition assistance and spiritual guidance are offer to our "Friends in Need"

Soldier's Family Disney Vacation:  Disney Timeshare Share and spending money are raised through our generous supporters in order to send a soldier's family to a vacation they will remember forever.

Blood Drive: Held at the St. Francis deSales gym, the Graybeards collect over 200 pints of much needed blood for the New York Blood Bank.  This year the blood drive will be September 14th.

Family Fun Run:  The community's popular 5k run on the boardwalk followed by a BBQ for all the community to enjoy.  Awards presented to top finishers

Fishing Boat Outing: A new event for the graybeard and children to enjoy a day of fishing in Jamaica Bay.
Contact Jimmy Mullen to help upstart this event - jimmyspeedbump@aol.com

Wounded Warrior Weekend: This year will mark our 4th Annual Water Sports Festival in association with Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled Sports USA. Held in Rockaway Point, N.Y. , we invite 50+ US soldiers and 8 from BLESMA (England) injured in the line of duty to enjoy themselves with their families during a weekend of events including a parade, water sports, a boat cruise, "block" party and a special water-view mass.

Thanksgiving Dinner Give-away: The Graybeards get together and distribute over 50 turkeys and trimmings to St. Mary by the Sea parishioners, St. John's and others before the holiday weekend.

Harlem Magic Masters Show:  The talented men and women of the famed Harlem Magic Masters entertain our friends, families and invited guests for an entertaining show of basketball skill and humorous fun for all ages.

SFDS Christmas Tournament (Boys) and Peggy Boyle Tournament (Girls):  We need volunteers to work the game clock, game book and kitchen during the tournament schedule. Various hours needed.

If you would like to volunteer or be associated with the Graybeards projects, please contact us at: office@graybeards.com or show up to any of our events and offer your assistance.

Family Fun Run

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